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Kevin Kong
1 min readJan 8, 2016


I owe much to thought leaders like the two gents (Jason Fried & DHH) at Signal v. Noise (Basecamp) whose generosity with their knowledge and philosophy has helped me grow tremendously, and I decided to pay it forward by following their lead.

I recently left my job at a venture capital firm to pursue other goals and interests. I now build software to make complex things like insurance smarter, simpler, and approachable. Despite the long road still ahead, I want to share my story and the lessons I learned from reading, building, failing, and reflecting. I believe it might be useful or entertaining to others.

Down the line, I hope to share:

  • How insurance works
  • How insurance companies & agents make money
  • Basic financial technology tips & tools
  • Smart car technologies
  • Millennials and business
  • Strategic positioning

My philosophy, sweat, and humor will be on full display on Marina products soon. Until then, I hope to come up for air once in a while and share what I’ve learned in the worlds of tech, finance, and miscellany. If you want to follow this journey, stay tuned for more thoughts and the product release.



Kevin Kong

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