In this long, twisted, unpredictable journey, I rest easy knowing I will be guided by a few principles that are sound to my gut.

  • Profits or GTFO. No enterprise is sustainable without profits.
  • Impact or GTFO. Business and profits are the means to an end; our end is informed consumerism, safety, and environmental conservation. The millennial generation is already facilitating this transition to a post-consumerist economy and ethos.
  • Worldclass or GTFO. If the business cannot be damn good at something, shut the doors and try something else.
  • Less and better. Simplify, underdo the competition, and optimize under constraints. H/t to the Basecamp team.
  • Technology for the people. Consumers armed with information, choice, and rights are more valuable than dumb, confused, and scared counterparts.

Kevin Kong

CTO & Co-Founder @ Dataframe, energy & aerospace investor - we're HIRING!

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